Investıgatıon of The Effect of Corona precautions On Transmıssıon Preventıon of Upper Respıratory Tract Infectıons and Statıstıcal Comparıson

  • Muhammed BAYDEMİR Malatya Turgut Ozal University, Turkey.
Keywords: CORONA Precaution, Upper Respiratory Tract İnfection, Transmitted Diseases.


İntroduction: In addition to medical studies against the corona epidemic, many predictions are made such as the course of the epidemic, mathematical calculations and statistical models. Medical studies outside as social distancing, hand washing, wearing face mask precaution such as are included. However, due to the new emergence of CORONA and the lack of knowledge about it, data to compare the usefulness of the measures taken are limited. Therefore, in the study, upper respiratory tract infections whose transmission path is similar to CORONA the prevalence one's (URTI) in the community was compared in terms of before and after CORONA. With the results obtained here, the effects of the measures taken can be examined, if deemed necessary after CORONA, it can also conceivable for URTI. Even if it is stated that URIs are not fatal unless there is a complication that develops, and it is unnecessary to isolate patients, the quality of life of the person may decrease due to the disease. It can even cause significant losses according to personal efforts.

Methods: For the study, the numbers of those who applied to the health center with any complaints from 3 different regions before and after CORONA and who were diagnosed with URIs were taken and compared. Calculations were made by dividing them into intervals both on a yearly basis and in 6-month periods.

Results: According to the results obtained; in the spring/summer period before and after CORONA in the URTI a reduction of 10,9% autumn/winter period is for 63,0% to be said. Similarly; In the second region, the spring/ summer period for before and after CORONA in the URTI a reduction of 30,5% autumn/winter period is 42,5% to be said.

Conclusion: According to the results obtained, it can be said that the CORONA measures cause a decrease in URTI, so it can be beneficial for CORONA too, whose transmission route is similar. In addition, the measures taken for CORONA can be generalized for the URTI too, independent of CORONA. In other words, similar measures can be recommended after the CORONA pandemic, especially in the winter and spring months, when URTIs are common. In case health centers warn of URTI prevalence, mask and distance recommendations can be made for places such as public transportation vehicles, schools, barracks in the region. In such environments, the number of people can be diluted, frequently ventilated, and disinfected. Even physicians by giving their first masks to patients diagnosed with URI can form awareness.